Integrated Door Explosion Relief Valves

Protecting Equipment &
Saving Lives
Protecting Equipment & <br />Saving Lives

Penn-Troy is one of the only manufacturers that specializes in producing explosion relief valves and crankcase doors in a single cast, ready-to-attach unit to your engine’s exact specifications. This saves you costs by cutting manufacturing time and your engine assembly process in half. We can even source additional doors without attached valves to help you achieve a consistent appearance. Our two crankcase explosion relief valve models can be ordered as an integrated unit or separately.

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 BICERA Revolution™ Explosion Relief Valve

BICERA Revolution™ Explosion Relief Valve

A new generation of explosion relief valve, BICERA Revolution™ is an ideal upgrade for marine applications because of its compact design.

BICERA Crankcase Explosion Relief Valves

BICERA Crankcase Explosion Relief Valves

A time-tested design, the BICERA valve uses a flame arrester to extinguish flames leaving the engine crankcase and direct hot exhaust downward, in a safe direction away from personnel.


Why Integrated?


1. Bolt-On Ready
Our no-hassle design comes fully assembled and makes it easy for operators to install the valve on the engine, eliminating the time and cost of training operators on handling, set up, testing and installation.

2. Customized to Match Existing Inspection Doors
We’ll utilize your original door design and modify it to seamlessly integrate with our valve. By simply adding an external housing to fabricated or cast doors, which moves the flame trap out, we can make room for the piston rods inside the crankcase.

3. Design Capabilities
We use SolidWorks for the design, modeling, rendering, FEA, CFD and can perform vibrational testing on the full unit.

4. Single Unit Design
In lieu of separate part numbers and inventory for valves and doors, we offer a simpler solution by combining all the components into a single cast unit.

Material Sourcing

Integrated door

We can source your inspection doors and even blank doors for a consistent appearance.

Casting Processes

  • Investment casting- lost wax
  • Sand casting
  • Die casting
  • Permanent mold

Casting Materials

  • Various cast aluminum alloys: A356-T6 and 319F
  • Cast irons
  • Cast stainless steels
  • Cast steel

Plate Materials

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless


  • Grinding
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Turning
  • Welding


  • Painting: Custom colors/primers
  • Gluing (O-ring)
  • Additional mounting hardware: spring pins and solid pins/dowels

In House Testing & Inspection

All our valves and doors are fully pressure tested. We also do in-house explosion testing to IACS UR M66 standards.