BICERA Revolution™ Explosion Relief Valve

BICERA Reimagined
BICERA Reimagined

With Penn-Troy PMX™ Technology

A new twist on an old classic, the BICERA Revolution™ Valve protects engine room personnel and parts from dangerous exhaust temperatures and flame with improved performance and a lightweight design. It may be small, but it is packed with performance.

New Cutting-Edge Design

BICERA Revolution Crankcase Explosion Relief Valve

1. Patent-Pending Flame Arrestor Technology
A new robust design of a stronger material improves safety performance and reliability. A dry flame arrestor functions as an aggressive heat sink during crankcase explosions, creating very low exhaust temperatures. Utilizing an external flame arresting process allows for better internal engine clearance.

2. Compact Size
A smaller diameter allows for closer installations between valve centers, a key feature for smaller engines. BICERA Revolution™ fits on doors with smaller surface areas and has a low relief area to crankcase volume ratio.

3. Better Design Ratio: 115cm2/1m3
BICERA Revolution™ not only frees up space on the engine, but enables you to get the same level of protection with less valves!

4. Ultra Lightweight Model
Roughly half the weight of competitor designs, our new BICERA Revolution™ valve makes lifting lugs unnecessary for easier assembly.

5. Simple Mechanical Design
With minimal components, our new BICERA Revolution™ valve has fewer points of potential failure and simplifies the manufacturing process to ensure consistently superior quality at lower costs. The new design is still able to be integrated with custom inspection doors for a single, bolt-on ready unit. It is also tamper resistant to ensure its original integrity is maintained.

6. Single Sealing Point
No oil return weep hole is necessary in our new valve. A good, positive single seal ensures leak-free operation.

In the News:

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Bicera Revolution


Our crankcase explosion relief valves are available in four different models to meet your assembly time and space requirements.

  • Sizes: 4", 6" Coming Soon


IACS UR M66 (ratio 115cm2/ 1m3)

Type Approvals

  • ABS
  • BV
  • DNV
  • RINA

Devices and Maintenance Accessories

Whether you need a device to shut down your engine in the case of explosion or are looking for tools to facilitate routine maintenance and testing, we’ve got it all.



Parts are available by request. Please contact us for more information.