BICERA Crankcase Explosion Relief Valve

A Proven, Integrated
Safety Solution
A Proven, Integrated <br />Safety Solution

Bicera StoreFor over 60 years, the BICERA design has been put through rigorous testing and has gained recognition as the safest valve on the market. Available in a range of sizes, our crankcase explosion relief valves trap flame and direct hot exhaust gases down and away from engine room personnel. Penn-Troy is the only crankcase explosion relief valve manufacturer that will customize your unique crankcase door design to seamlessly integrate with our valve.

What Makes a BICERA Valve Unique?

Crankcase Explosion Relief - No door

1. Integrated Door and Valve Unit
As an option, we manufacture your valve and crankcase door in a single cast unit to your engine’s exact specifications, saving you money. Learn more.

2. Lightweight and Low Profile
Our smallest valve weighs just eight pounds, making assembly onto the engine easy for technicians and accommodating limited-space engines.

3. One-of-a-Kind Safety Features
The BICERA Valve vents hot exhaust down and away from engine room personnel through our unique directional cover design.

4. Meets IACS Standards
4” and 6” BICERA valves are the only explosion relief valves with an internal flame trap approved by international agencies such as ABS, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd’s Register, GL, DNV, CCS and RINA.

5. Viton® Sealing Components
Durable seals on our components give added protection from secondary explosions and oil leaking.

6. Quick Pressure Relief
By reducing maximum overpressures of the engine, our valve minimizes damages to internal components and prevents catastrophic failure (rupture) of the crankcase itself.


Crankcase Explosion Relief Valve - Numbers2

1. Oil Wetted Flame Trap
As the engine runs, oil from the crankcase coats the flame trap of the BICERA crankcase explosion relief valve, preventing propagation outside the crankcase in the event of an explosion.

2. Pre-Assembled O-Rings
Penn-Troy installs the door gasket before the relief valve is shipped to your location, saving you valuable time during assembly.

3. Increased Valve Clearance
Customized door leaves ample operating clearance to ensure the flame arrestor does not interfere with piston rods in the crankcase.

4. Directional Cover
A cover vents hot steam from the explosion down and away from engine room personnel for added safety, whereas other valves on the market will have a 360 degree ring of hot exhaust.


Our crankcase explosion relief valves are available in four different models to meet your assembly time and space requirements.

Certifications (for 4" and 6" only)

IACS UR M66 (ratio 173cm2/ 1m3)

Type Approvals

  • ABS
  • BV
  • Lloyds Register
  • DNV
  • CCS
  • RINA
  • IRS
  • KR
  • GL

Devices and Maintenance Accessories

Whether you need a device to shut down your engine in the case of explosion or are looking for tools to facilitate routine maintenance and testing, we’ve got it all.



Parts are available by request. Please contact us for more information.

Industry Applications

  • Oil & Gas Compression
  • Marine Diesel Engines
  • Power Generation
  • Railroad Engines

If you need to service or retrofit a diesel or gas engine/compressor, Penn-Troy has a database of over 1500 engine models for which we can recommend sizing and quantity.

Historically Heroic

BICERA Valve’s time-tested, heroic design was inspired by the 1947 Reina del Pacifico explosion outside Belfast, Ireland that took the lives of 28 men. From that moment on, BICERA was born to protect marine vessels and personnel.

In 1949, the British government commissioned the British Internal Combustion Engine Research Association (BICERA) to examine the incident and what could be done for future prevention. The solution? A valve mounted on the crankcase inspection door that, under pressure, would open and quench flames with an internal oil-wetted flame trap.

Penn-Troy bought patent rights to BICERA valve, refined the design and began manufacturing it in 1959. For 60 years, BICERA has continued to save countless lives and engines across sea, land and rail. Isn’t it time you invested in a hero of this caliber?