A Culture of Longevity. 

Penn-Troy Manufacturing.


Since 1959, Penn-Troy Manufacturing, Inc. has been engineering and producing our own products from our facility in Troy, PA. The company was born out of Troy Engine and Machine Company, an engine manufacturer with roots dating back to the 1870s. We still occupy that same building today, but our services have expanded. We now produce standard and custom valves and other products for the water/wastewater and marine industries.

We’re proud to be a U.S. manufacturer, using American materials and assembling all our products right here in Pennsylvania. This allows us greater quality control and has enabled us to continue improving our processes and products. We are now ISO certified by ABS, further ensuring that every part of our production is in accordance with strict quality standards.

Every company has its own culture, and with Penn-Troy’s extensive history, our culture is longevity. What does this mean for you? Every order at Penn-Troy, no matter how big or small, is treated with the intention that we will be serving you for years to come. We understand your end goal is making customers happy. Business is challenging, and you need suppliers who support you. We are committed to long-term relationships. As a family-owned and operated company, that’s what we've believed for over 55 years, and, looking forward, we know we’ll never believe any differently.

We are constantly rethinking and reimagining to manufacture new products that will last longer and serve new markets. Let us show you how our products will make a difference on your site; contact us today to get the conversation going.

  • The key to building customer relationships to my mind, is treating each phone call as the opportunity that it is - an opportunity that should never be taken for granted. That is what I view as true SERVICE.

    TROY simply recognizes as we do, that our customer's success - through SERVICE - is the key to our own.

Dave Stinchcomb

President Valve Tech Sales

The BICERA Valve Series

The BICERA Explosion Relief Valve was the first explosion relief valve designed for diesel engines. The inspiration came in 1947 when a ship called the Reina del Pacifico was on a test run after being reconditioned from her service in World War II. On that voyage just outside of Belfast, Ireland, there was an explosion in the engine room that took the lives of 28 men.

Penn-Troy purchased the patent rights to the device from BICERA. We completed the valve’s design and development and began manufacturing the BICERA Explosion Relief Valve in 1959. Since then, more than 350,000 BICERA valves in hundreds of designs and sizes have been in use around the globe, protecting property and saving lives.

We’ve been manufacturing crankcase explosion relief valves for marine, power generation, oil and gas compression, mining, and railroad engines for nearly 60 years. Today, our new BICERA Sigma Explosion Relief Valve is revolutionizing the industry, providing a better, smaller, lighter, explosion relief valve that uses less material and offers the ease of “drop-in” replacement for all of your existing valves.

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  • The people at Troy Valve always treat you as though you are their best customer. In addition to the professional, knowledgeable staff, the products manufactured by Troy Valve are always of the highest quality. I highly recommend Troy Valve to anyone in the Waterworks industry.

Jeffrey A. Gehrlein

Sales Manager L/B Water Service Inc.

The Troy Valve Series

Troy Valve began producing a waterworks valve specialty product line purchased from Mueller Company in 1984. The original line included flap valves, mud valves and shear gates for the water distribution and treatment industries.

Troy Valve is a proven expert in the water and wastewater industry. Expanding on an original Mueller Company product line that dates back nearly 80 years, we’ve developed a complete range of valves and operators for use in treatment tanks, ponds and other containment structures.

We have been producing, updating and making our own products for the water and wastewater industry ever since. Troy Valve continues to be one of the most trusted brands in the industry, with products in many countries across the globe.


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