Exhaust Manifold Relief Valves

Pressure-Sensing Protection
Pressure-Sensing Protection

Penn-Troy, manufacturer of the BICERA Valve, has designed a manifold relief valve specifically for engines. The valve reduces damage to turbochargers, carburetors, intake air systems and the manifold, caused by backfires to engine intake systems.

How Does it Work?

A patented feature of the manifold relief valve allows the valve to automatically adjust its opening pressure to just over the operating pressure of the manifold. This allows the valve to open quickly in response to pressure spikes that result from a backfire. Once the valve has opened, it will then reset itself.

"The 2.0 inch valve is suitable for naturally-aspirated or turbocharged natural gas engines, in sizes up to 19 L displacement. For larger engines, two or more of the valves can be used to provide protection."

Paul Johnson