June 19, 2015

Troy Valve Spells Out American Iron & Steel (AIS) Offerings

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Troy Valve, a division of Penn-Troy Manufacturing, has made an announcement regarding products that meet American Iron & Steel (AIS) laws.

Currently, both Troy Valve Stainless Steel Mud Valve and Stainless Steel Stem Guides are exclusively cast in the United States. Other Troy valves, such as Cast Iron Mud Valves, Floor and Wall Pressure Relief Valves, Flap Valves and Shear Gates, have both domestic and foreign patterns.

Mark Powers, President of Penn-Troy, recently acknowledged that while the company prefers to supply domestic castings, the option does incur a significant price increase. To remain competitive, many valve manufactures in the market have taken the motion to “disqualify” their valves from AIS law according to the interpretation guidance provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The guidance states, “For one of the listed products to be considered subject to AIS requirements, it must be made of greater than 50% iron or steel, measured by cost.”
Learn more about this requirement guidance on the EPA's website.

Using this same guidance, Troy Valve has announced that their Cast Iron Mud Valves, Cast Iron Wall and Floor PRVs, Cast Iron Flap Valves, and Cast Iron Shear Gates are not subject to AIS law, as confirmed by a reputable law firm. All of these valves contain a considerable amount of bronze and are made with less than 50% iron and steel (based on cost).

“We still firmly believe in American manufacturing and truly value the spirit of AIS laws. While we prefer to supply domestic castings, we are not subject to AIS laws and can also provide foreign patterns as a more cost-effective alternative,” said Mark Powers.

Further questions about Troy Valve and the AIS law or previously AIS quoted projects should be directed to sales staff by calling 570-297-4442.

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